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This is too narrow for too long, access to the local rail network is across the road, no footway on the other side and traffic too fast to easily step in the road

This is already a no access to motor vehicles but is used as a cut through. Should be a “quietway” one way or blocked halfway

An utterly pointless piece of fence that forces everyone through a narrow gap, in the middle of a global pandemic. How stupid is this?

Another stupid, pointless obstruction on a brand new path. Why is this low barrier necessary, when bollards will do the same job?

Flooding due to recent storm

Now the A5145 has been connected to the A6, George’s Road can be made walking and cycling only. It has a low bridge and nothing requiring access. Would reduce the number of movements on the roundabout so that the design could be improved ... [more]

This road is very narrow. Cars and HGV users drive up and down this road very fast. Many pedestrians use the pavements. They are at risk. Also groups from school on corner travel up to the church at the top of the street. The children and t ... [more]

This road is very narrow. Cars and HGV users drive up and down this road very fast. Many pedestrians use the pavements. They are at risk. Also groups from school on corner travel up to the church at the top of the street. The children and t ... [more]

Need space for safe cycling between Sanderling road junction on the A627 and the Torkington road junction. This is a good way for cyclists to get from the suburbs out to rural lanes and the Middlewood way, but is currently vey busy and narr ... [more]

Three metal chicanes installed at a cost of £3,000 which are dangerous and obstructive to general use of the provided path and create three unnecessary additional conflict points. If there was a real issue here, the path should’ve been w ... [more]

Separate cycleway to stop cars squeezing past cyclists on this narrow stretch of road

Parking restrictions (double yellow) to prohibit obstruction of Carriageway cycle lane

Signs reminding drivers of safe passing distances when passing cyclists would help along whole stretch of A6

A very badly neglected path.

And another barrier....

Oh look, another barrier.

This shared footway is ok, but is far too short to be worthwhile.

More barriers, on a brand new surface cycle route. Why do cyclists have to put up with this rubbish?

This barrier needs a wider bypass.

I have no idea what this nonsense is supposed to be. Why is it there?

Yet more silly barriers to walking and cycling.

Someone has installed some very silly and pointless chicanes on this section of the A555 cycle path. These will do nothing but frustrate legitimate users. There's plenty of room to widen the path but despite this being very clear guidance ... [more]

This road is easily wide enough to have a segregated cycle path on each side of the road. Which would make it a useful link between Stockport and Bredbury

Although technically separate from the pavement there is little to differentiate the cycle path here heading east. Heading west it is only paint. Ajusting this so that the space was used for a wand orca segregated path on both sides of the ... [more]

The cycle lane abruptly ends here with no obvious way back on to the road. Providing a better way back into the road would be helpful

Lot of fast moving traffic, loads of heavy goods vehicles. Poor access, intermittent shared path. The paths here are very wide - easily enough room to put in proper on-road cycle lane each side.

Very narrow road due to bridge and a lot of heavy goods traffic. Improve access on/off the shared use path Northbound. Only option Southbound would be lights...

The path under the bridge here is always full of deep gravel, making the route needlessly harder. If it was swept this would make a nice quiet route in / out of Romiley

Joining the cycleway here at a pedestrian crossing is difficult and non obvious. It should merge in from the road to make the transition simple

Exiting the cycle path here is horrible, it requires looking behind you for fast moving vehicles while also being aware of vehicles in front turning into the road. Ideally the radius of this junction should be reduced and the cycle way cont ... [more]

The cycle path here is non obvious and looks like a pavement. It should be updated to have either a coloured surface dressing or other measures to make it more obvious as a cycle path

There is on street parking here when the houses have large drives. This could be converted to an uphill protected cycleway for people travelling between Stockport and Bredbury

The cycleway here always has cars parked in it. It should be converted to a protected one

The parking here could easily be replaced for additional seating

The on street parking here makes the footway really narrow. Removing them would make space for a wider footpath / parklets

There is no need for cars to come through here, it makes it really tight for pedestrians

The high street is too narrow to allow for a proper segregated cycle lane. Make the high street a one way system for all traffic, one lane for cars etc and the other lane for bikes

Segregated cycleway along Finney Lane. Cars pass to close/fast currently

Segregated Cycleway along Styal Road

There is a drainage problem on the road crossing here. Every time it rains, the road fills with water.

Don't spend millions on a bridge but rather on a lot of small improvements all over the borough.

Very poorly designed, piecemeal cycleway along Didsbury road should be made into modern segregated route for entire length.

Replace all gates on this section of shared-use path to allow mobility scooters, prams and non-drop bar bicycles to pass.

Remove poorly-designed gates and install barriers meeting modern standards allowing mobility scooters, prams and cyclists to pass.

Resurface very muddy path for walkers and cyclist.

Remove anti-cycling gate and improve surface for walking and cycling.

Surface alleyway to facilitate use as walking and cycling alternative to narrow and busy Mersey Rd.

Widen footpath and cut back vegetation to facilitate shared use.

Widen footpath to allow shared use

Add signage and marking: token cycleway on pavement disappears with no indication where to go.

Widen path to allow shared use.

Section of TPT is very narrow and badly overgrown

High-speed curve of Station Rd is dangerous for cyclists but forms part of NCN. Segregation and/or speed control needed.

Dedicated cycle lane needed on Stockport Rd West to connect Osborne Street with Vernon Park / Newbridge Lane.

Make a radical change to styal road with a one way system for both cars and bikes. The road is currently too narrow to put in a proper segregated bike lane.

Road Humps/ 20mph speed - Rat run to Heaton Moor Road.

Speed of Traffic speed camera near pedestrian crossing

Pavement on Stockport bound side is too narrow. In some places there is insufficient room for 2 people to pass each other.

The pavement on the northbound side is wide enough to allow a joint cycleway/footpath. This would help southbound cyclists because of the bend and difficulty in turning right into Bruntwood Lane.

Cycle lane needed as road is narrow and number of pedestrian crossings make it more so ad therefore drivers crowd cyClists

Cycle lane needed as road is narrow and number of pedestrian crossings make it more so and therefore drivers crowd cyclists

Footpath too narrow

Footpath too narrow

There is no crossing on Ack Lane which is a busy road. Putting a toucan crossing in here would help pedestrians, but also cyclists could have a continuous route from Pownall Green School through to Hillbrook Road and along Kits Moss Lane av ... [more]

Make this footpath into a cycleway so that there would be a continuous cycle route from Cheadle Hulme to Heald Green avoiding Etchels Road. It would also give access to the existing North South cycle path to Brentwood Park.

Narrow Pavement and only on one side of the road as it goes over the bridge.

Close the right turn carriageway at the Farmers Arms and put in a segregated cycle lane along the A560 to keep cyclists safe. The shared path is not very useful for commuting cyclists.

There is a contraflow cycle lane here, but cars always park in it. Could it be segregated?

This road is not pleasant to cycle on. Perhaps the speed limit could be reduced or a dedicated cycleway installed?

Marple Road should have a dedicated cycle lane, or where the path is wide enough a shared cycle and pedestrian route.

The walking route from Offerton to Marple Hall School for students is via a path which is too narrow in places and not helped when bushes are too overgrown.

Make a proper cyleway to link Bramhall Park with Cheadle Hulme village and thus create an opportunity for residents ( and others) to cycle safely into Cheadle Hulme for shopping/recreation and station

2 schools on this road and it is used as a rat run. Parking around the schools creates dangers for both walkers and cyclists.

The A6MARR Cycleway needs a crossing installed on Hall Moss Lane. I don't think the designer must have realised how busy and fast the road is at this point!

This footpath is due to be upgraded to bridleway (and presumably paved) as part of the Woodford housing development. Will link the estate to Lostock Hall Road Poynton and train station off road. Can this be bought forward now?

The new A555 link road from the A6 to Manchester Airport is a step in the right direction even though it is too narrow for easy side by side cycling/walking. However, There as are no lights at all this makes it difficult for those who use t ... [more]

Dedicated cycleway heading to parrs wood along this road

Road humps or on way system along elms road. currently used as a rat run from shaw road to heaton moor road at rush hour especially since road humps were placed along Buckingham Road

The whole of the A6 needs a dedicated cycle lane similar to that on oxford road. Many people would cycle along the route in and out of Manchester.

The pavement is too narrow on both sides for social distancing needs to be expanded.

Cylce link on A6 to join bypass cycleway to Middlewood Way

Narrow pavement all along Mauldeth Road means people walking on Road to maintain social distance. Lots of cars speed up and down this road.

OK probably just a *little* bit controversial, but shows ambition. ☺The A555 here is not busy enough to justify being a dual carriageway. Even before lockdown it could be deserted, even at rush hour. Why not close one carriageway, at the ... [more]

Segregated cycleway needed to link up High Peak to Stockport/Manchester cycle routes, particularly for cycle commuters

The road and pavement need resurfacing. If it were better, people could walk or cycle here rather than the significantly more dangerous New Moor Lane.

This is a really dangerous bit of road for cyclists. The road is narrow, steep, with a blind brow to the bridge. There is about 1 metre of designated cycle path that is no use at all. This is a route children use to walk and cycle to school ... [more]

The pavement is too narrow. The road is too busy for people to step out into.

The pavement is too narrow and the bushes overgrown. There is not enough room for 1 person and the road is too busy to step out into.

Strines Road is not safe for cyclists - a cycle route along this route would be fantastic

It would be lovely if this surface could be improved for cyclists and for people with strollers - it's a link route between Marple, Marple Bridge and Compstall for Green spaces and for local shopping without using a car

Would be lovely if this was a cycle-way would allow for lovely circular routes on green lanes from Marple - great for families

Difficult to cross the road here due to volume and speed of traffic - dangerous for anyone not fit and fleet of foot.

Crossing the road here is dangerous for anyone who is not fast on their feet - thus preventing elderly, infirm, or slightly less able folk from being able to follow the canal tow path - otherwise a lovely route that joins many green spaces ... [more]

Coming down Brabyns to make the right turn onto Longhurst Lane is dangerous, it's a fast stretch of road and a difficult manoevure. Needs a cycle specific option.

Is there any reason why this road can't be converted into a cycle, horses, walking and residential access only road? I don't know why it's so busy.

Add a cyclists left turn out of here onto the A6. At the moment if you've tried to cut the A6 by going along Park Road / Hartington road you hit a traffic queue and a difficult left onto the main road.

Needs a separated cycle way, traffic queues so close to the kerb the only way through is to go down the centre of the road towards oncoming traffic, it's like that for a couple of miles

Needs to have a cycleway along this road and in particular something needs to change at these lights so that a person going straight on (eastwards) on a bicycle doesn't end up a sandwich between the straight on and the left turn traffic.

Can we have a pedestrian crossing here to make it safe to cross from footpath to footpath?

Resurface this to make it easier to cycle down. Useful off-road route Poynton-Bramhall.

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