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Cycling in Stockport

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Fantastic new Sparrow Crossing (walking and cycling) in Stockport. Keeps pedestrians and cycles separate, and provides a very safe place to cross the road! Also a lovely refurbished alley.

Flooding due to recent storm

Another stupid, pointless obstruction on a brand new path. Why is this low barrier necessary, when bollards will do the same job?

River Mersey was very high the day this photo was taken.

An utterly pointless piece of fence that forces everyone through a narrow gap, in the middle of a global pandemic. How stupid is this?

New link to residential streets from the new path

Incomplete separated crossing for walking and cycling. Pedestrians press a button, while it looks as though cyclists will be detected by loops in the surface. The cycleway continues to the right (north) and turns left (northwest) down N ... [more]

A very badly neglected path.

And another barrier....

Oh look, another barrier.

This shared footway is ok, but is far too short to be worthwhile.

A combined walking and cycling zebra crossing.

More barriers, on a brand new surface cycle route. Why do cyclists have to put up with this rubbish?

This barrier needs a wider bypass.

I have no idea what this nonsense is supposed to be. Why is it there?

Yet more silly barriers to walking and cycling.

Someone has installed some very silly and pointless chicanes on this section of the A555 cycle path. These will do nothing but frustrate legitimate users. There's plenty of room to widen the path but despite this being very clear guidance ... [more]

Very recently constructed cycle/pedestrian path George Road Stockport. Cycle lane has no drop kerbs and Give way markings are side street are too far forward for safe use. I certainly won’t be using it! @Chris_Boardman @StockportMBC http ... [more]

Stockport Bridgefield Street somewhere near the Redrock.

A newly designated cycle link between Green Lane and Gorsey Brow, with new barriers.

Stockport Station upper level east side - convenient for platform zero.

Butcher’s bike at the tea rooms.

Roman Lakes

NCN62 milepost similar ten years previous #15940

Marple Road where there's a short section of narrow cycle lane and some shared use.

Narrow cycle lanes appear for a short section here on Marple Road

Rose Hill, Marple where the NCN5 crosses Stockport Road

Shared use footway providing a link to NCN55

Short section of shared use footway starts here in Marple, providing a link to NCN55.

Here the cycle lane splits. Right for cyclists, left for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers on the far side of the junction. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the left fork, because it's easier.

Here the cycle lane splits. Left for cyclists, right for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the right fork, because it's easier. I mean, why wouldn't you? ... [more]

Design vs user experience. Many cyclists are using the obvious, slightly bumpy route on the left. But the designer wants them to take the less obvious, more difficult route to the right. Bit of an oversight here - give people two options ... [more]

Bollards don't need to be ugly. These bollards are disguised as novelty pencils outside Ludworth Primary School.

Cycle crossings alongside the new A555 bypass. Not yet complete in this picture.

Cycle route continues west between the highway and a sports ground. I suspect the land behind the fence will soon become overgrown.

The cycle path leaves the main highway and continues west toward Woodford Road.

High quality access ramp to the cycle path along the new bypass.

The Middlewood Way from Marple to Macclesfield leisure route.

Access point to the Middlewood Way.

Access to the Middlewood Way.

Macclesfield to Marple leisure route.

It was here that I realised I’d come two and a quarter miles the wrong way.

Macclesfield to Marple is an excellent leisure route shared with horse riders, dog walkers and cyclists.

Path (now on map, but not on StreetView yet) leading under railway to join Gorsey Bank Road

There is an underpass under the railway, connecting the path alongside Gorsey Bank Road with Swythamley Road. It is sometimes used as a hangout by unfriendly local scallies though.

Stockport Altrincham Road/Northenden Road. The road has been resurfaced and yet the cycle lanes are being repainted exactly where they were before in the wrong place !!! In the door zone is very dangerous and it's better without the lanes.T ... [more]

Stockport Altrincham Road/Northenden Road. The road has been resurfaced and yet the cycle lanes are being repainted exactly where they were before in the wrong place !!! Only 1 metre is inadequate and it's better without the lanes. Bizarrel ... [more]

Would you cycle through here at night ?

Severely overgrown, nettles and overhanging trees

Things to make with old CDs ping pong balls and straws + rubbish

A curious crossing - just a thin bit of red tarmac and a few barriers. I don't think it has any special legal status.


The green area, with its mature trees behind this info board, is reputedly a horse graveyard from a long gone brewery. See #45839.


Some racks and a grim headline that reads: "Traffic road deaths yards apart"

A novelty rack and cycle link in Davenport, Stockport.

A single cycle rack serves this co-operative store on the A6 in Stockport.

Amsterdammertje bollards presumably used to eliminate opportunistic motor vehicle storage on this street off the A6 round the corner from a co-operative convenience store.

Children playing a ball game in the traffic calmed street.

A street traffic calmed by closing it to through motor traffic.

Looks like a fun BMX area on this side of the river Goyt.

Cycling no-handed across this footbridge over the river Goyt.

A causeway through the river Goyt.

A cycle bridge over the river Goyt.

A road junction on NCN55.

Bicycle permeable barriers at this end of the Middlewood Way. I think the bit on the right is for horses to step over.

Bicycle permeable barriers at this end of the Middlewood Way.

Middlewood Way - steps up to the road.

Bicycle permeable gate on the Middlewood Way.

Middlewood Way

One of the easier gates on the Middlewood Way.

Middlewood Way - lovely smooth fast surface.

Excellent fast surface on the Middlewood Way.

Middlewood Way a fast smooth surface.

Useful link over railway.

Useful and readily cyclable link (with generously wide chicane) over the railway.

Pelican crossing, Romiley.

Some racks in Romiley high street.

Manned level crossing at Norbury.

Cheadle Tesco Express has covered cycle parking unlike nearby Aldi which has removed its cycle parking which was covered. See

Alternative route avoiding large and complex roundabout is NOT used by local cyclists 'cos it's so intimidating and badly maintained. Even during the day this is scary. At night the lamps will not illuminate past the overgrown veg

M shaped stands at Stockport Station.

A short walk along Happy Valley Park, near Bramhall. As I took this photo there was a distinctive sound of a woodpecker in the nearby trees.

Stepping stones on a short walk along Happy Valley Park, near Bramhall.

Locals tell me that this unmarked green area alongside Cale Green and Bramhall Lane in Stockport is a horse graveyard. All the horses that pulled the brewery carts had to be disposed of somewhere - but I am yet to find other references to i ... [more]

New path and bridge leading to the main Cadkirk Bridge near Stockport #43733

Chadkirk Bridge opened Sunday 29th July at 11:30 am Connect2 project Grid ref is SJ 9367.8965 for Vale Road which is the local access to Chadkirk Country Park from A627 at Otterspool. Alternatively come via Romiley train station and pedal s ... [more]

Stockport Railway station - with a row of Sheffield stands outside the entrance.

Useful cut through.

Cycle parking just outside the platform at Hazel Grove station.

Tunnel under the A6 Location: High Lane (England, United Kingdom)

Bandstand in Vernon Park, Stockport

Footpath crossing this farm access road has stiles on ether side. On the right it goes up to a railway crossing point.

Perhaps these cycle racks are more likely to get used by horses?

The entrance to Torkington Park off the busy A6

Some new M shaped stainless steel cycle racks at Stockport Station.

Two-can crossing. This was not set up! I saw these two cans there and took the photo and left them there. It was only a few seconds after I took the photo that I realised this was a play on 'Toucan Crossing'.

Welcome to Stockport train station.

Bramhall Train Station BLUC (Bike locker user club) operated by GMPTE , shame they don't have lockers in Manchester City centre where they are needed.

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